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What Professional Event Planners know that you don't - and SHOULD

Experienced Event Planners know a lot about getting and keeping a group of people together for a few hours. Small or large, every event has common needs - space, refreshment, activity, schedule, entertainment - occasionally, much more. One thing that is universal for events is photography, and that can be a very good or very bad thing. You see, when event planners have a pro in their pocket, the planner has control of the memory of the event. The quality of the photography is incredibly important to the value and sense of history of the event, regardless of size. Think about it for a moment - the most treasured item from a wedding is the album. They are SO treasured, in fact, that many fire departments train firefighters to find and save the wedding album as one of the highest priorities when fighting a house fire.

That is the power of images. Good photography not only preserves an image, but preserves the emotion and power of a moment. A great photographer will not only have the tools and skills to harness the feelings, but will coordinate closely with the Event Planner to ensure that nothing is forgotten, and that the most important parts of the event have the proper focus. In addition, having a pro at your fingertips expands the types of photography you can do, often simultaneously. If you want formal + candid + documentary + photobooth, can you count on getting everything from a "friend who owns a 'good' camera"? Or worse, from a room full of cell phones held by people who take pictures of what THEY think is important?

In the long run, while it may seem like a good idea to save a few hundred bucks by asking guests to hashtag-share the event or count on Aunt Edna's point-and-shoot, you will ALWAYS get superior images from a dedicated photographer who is working for you and the interests of the event. After all - it's not like you can do everything over if Aunt Edna doesn't capture the right stuff. So, ask yourself - which images can carry the power of your event - your moment - years into the future?

- A Professional Photographer works within your budget. Give them an honest number, and they will tell you what they can do for you. And I can assure that it will be more than you think!

- A pro has the equipment for every situation and style you might need and can change on the fly.

- A pro has assistants to call upon when needed and has backup plans for any disruption. - A pro can edit and re-edit images to reflect the desired mood and style.

- Most importantly, a pro works for YOU.

And a pro will guarantee that you will have images that a firefighter will save first. Contact me and let's talk!

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