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No party is complete without a Photo Booth!   Perfect for parties of all kinds - receptions, reunions, celebrations, business fun events, and so much more! 


With a Perspectives Photo Booth, you get:

  • An open-concept area allowing groups up to 8 people!

  • A professional portrait photographer, getting the best images and looks from your guests

  • Green Screen Digital backgrounds suitable for all ages

  • Fully-customizable overlays promoting your event!

  • Instant prints and/or instant digital uploads!

  • Share your venue, your event, your business, and your cause!

  • Ask about integration to Facebook, providing near-real-time updates on your Event Page!

Our green-screen technology means that we can create a dozens of possible backgrounds and a specialized overlay that will be seen on every picture - the name of the event, your website, your logo, QR codes - anything!


When your clients download and share a photobooth image (and they will!) they will also share your venue, your event, your business, and your cause. Between shares and links, a single guest can make your event go viral!


Send us a message for a no-obligation quote!

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