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Perspectives Photography Endorsed Organizations
Small business stick together.   We at Perspectives take a special pride in living and shopping in a small town, eating locally, and never forgetting the small organizations that make up such a large part of our lives.

Some of those organizations, however, are extra-special.  Perspectives is proud to endorse these people, small businesses, and organizations because supporting each other is how we will all succeed.

Next time you are shopping for a product or service, consider staying local, staying small, and consider these well-vetted businesses and organizations.  Perspectives is a client of all of them - for a reason.

Trish Clancy

     Family Heritage

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The majority of personal bankruptcy is caused by medical bills - in families that HAVE health insurance.

This seems astonishing in the days of the Affordable Care Act, but it's true - most people cannot afford massive deductibles, and disability only covers part of your lost wages - if you have it at all.

Trish will show you how to protect your savings, your retirement, your credit, the college funds... everything.

Reach out.  Information is power.  Learn how.

Phone: 612.325.7389



Chive Minnesota

     Bona Fide Chapter of Chive Charities

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If you've never heard of Chive Minnesota, there's a reason.  They spend nothing on self-promotion. 

The goal:  make the world 10% better, and have a good time doing it.  This young bunch of goofy, hard-partying misfits actively seek and support the underdog and help in un-conventional, unique, and very meaningful ways.

A Bona Fide Chapter Of Chive Charities, Chive MN actively supports causes supporting Veterans, First Responders, and rare childhood illnesses, and partners with other Chapters nationwide for larger philanthropic projects.

Facebook: ChiveMinnesota        Web:


Small business owners are experts in their fields,

but often are not experts in marketing their business. 


Jenny has over 30 years of experience in strategic planning and project management in corporate settings. In 2016, she left the Big Box world behind so she could focus on the local community.  Regardless of your type of small business, Littlebox is THE best media advisor partner.


She is dedicated to helping local shopkeepers and business owners draw more customers into their stores through innovative and cost effective social media strategies.

Phone: 612-382-3723          Web:

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Jenny Edstrom

     LittleBox Social - Marketing Advisors
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