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Grand Paint Classic POR

                  Saturday, June 22 - Morning

                                         - Afternoon

                  Sunday, June 23   - Morning

                                         - Afternoon

Summer Splash & Futurity Show

                  Saturday, Aug 10  - Class 1-80

                                         - Class 81-163 

                  Sunday, Aug 11    - Class 1-80    

                                         - Class 81-163

                                         - Miscellaneous

The Filenames have the following format:  [File number]  [Time image was taken] and are listed in order of time.

          Example:  7181 - 06-56-17 is file number 7181, and was taken at 6:56:17 Standard time (24-hour clock).

To find your images,  please scroll until the filenames indicated you are close to the time of the Class you are interested in seeing!

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