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Copyright, Pricing, and Legal Stuff

All images in this website are Copyright 2002-2018 Perspectives Photography LLC and Perspectives: Allen Taylor Photography.  Images on this website not under this copyright are specifically displayed under the heading of "Featured Photographer" and full attribution will be given.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED except as stated.  ALL images are registered with the U.S. Copyright Office.  Fine Art Print sales images are printed by order.  Digital images are available for purchase.  Initial valuation of digital images is $2,500 per image, and varies with intended and contracted usage.  Actual value of digital images will be determined upon sale.

Open usage for certain event photography is granted in advance ONLY to the following organizations and their subsidiaries:
- The Chive Media Group
- Chive Minnesota

- OMNI Doing

Copyright release permissions are encoded into the metadata of every image, and will be provided in writing to the Client.

Other usages are available - often free of charge - WITH express written permission.  Usages are usually granted to 501c3 Organizations, Education Organizations, and other non-profit or charitable organizations.  Contact Us for details.

Full attribution is required for ALL gratis images provided free of charge:  "Courtesy of Perspectives Photography LLC" and a hyperlink to  All other requirements, if any, will be in writing.


In short:  ask nicely, and we can come to some agreement.   Individuals and Organizations found to be in violation of Copyright Law will be liable to penalties  under criminal and civil law, specifically  17 United States Code 106 and will be vigorously pursued in Civil Court.  

Pricing Policies and definitions:

Perspectives Photography LLC strives for simplicity in pricing, allowing for easy quotes and packages.  Pricing for the 2021 calendar year is as follows:

$75 / hour for photography session time.  This is for the booked time by the client, during which time actual photography is taking place at the direction and discretion of the client.  Pauses in photography time must be pre-arranged and included in the Contract for Photography Services.  For example, it is permissible to contract for 4 hours with 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon.  Unscheduled pauses are the responsibility of the client.

$30/ image for full re-touching.  Discounts may be applied for multiple images.  This includes full editing, including (but not limited to) removal of blemishes, color correction, digital editing, removal of digital artifacts, and other items as requested by the client.  It does NOT include major visual changes to the context of the image (often known as "Photoshopping") to add/remove/edit/replace major elements of an image.  Due to variations in time and complexity for "Photoshopping" images, this work will be quoted separately for each image at $30/hr of computer time.


$5 / image for simple re-touching.  This would include simple corrections, usually to a large group of photos taken under similar conditions, such as general color correction, contrast, simple highlighting, quick cropping, etc.  This is most often used for large numbers of images for group events such as receptions, athletics, and similar sessions that would involve many images.  Any of those images can be selected for full retouching at the above rate.

$100 / hr for Photo Booth services, 3-hour minimum.  Pricing includes no-charge setup and take-down time, unlimited pictures and 2x6 / 4x6 instant prints for you and your clients, digital copies of all images, and development and application of overlays to the prints.  Overlays may include logos, websites, announcements, name of event, and more at the client's discretion.  Client must provide overlay information to Perspectives Photography no less than 72 hours ahead of the date of the event.

$25 / hr Travel charges, when applicable:  No travel fees are charged for sessions or events that are held 1 hour or less from Robbinsdale, Minnesota, USA (as measured by Google Maps) (less than 2 hours total travel time to and from the session).  Travel fees are assessed for all hours of calculated travel (as measured by Google Maps) at the rate of $25/hour of total travel time in excess of the specified free time.  For example, there would be no travel charge to Burnsville, Minnesota, USA.  There would be a $62.50 travel charge to Duluth, MN (4.5 hours total travel - 2 hours free = 2.5 hrs @ $25/hr = $62.50).  If total session/event time plus travel exceeds 12 hours AND the event is more than 1 hour from Robbinsdale, Minnesota, USA (as measured by Google Maps), client will pay for 1 night's lodging.  If the event covers multiple days, Client will pay for 1 night's lodging for each full or partial day of photography services.

At the client's discretion, the client may provide airfare and car rental in lieu of hourly travel charges. 

Client arranges for 1 meal for every 5 hours of a session or event.

Full-day flat rates - $750 / day (up to 12 hours per day photography time) + actual travel expenses:  If the client needs multiple days and/or are excessively-complex, this option may be easiest to calculate.  This amount includes all combinations of photography time, road travel, meals, and lodging on a per-day basis.  If the client chooses to cover airfare+vehicle rental instead of road travel expenses, this must be arranged and paid in advance of booking.

Commission Photography Services:  For Special Commission Services, fees will be individually calculated for each Commission.

Booking Fees, Re-scheduling, and Final Charges

A non-refundable Booking Fee (also known as a Down Payment or Deposit) is required to schedule a session or event.  The booking fee is calculated at 50% of the scheduled photography time, not to exceed $250.  The balance is due at the conclusion of the event or service.  Final images will not be released before the balance is paid under any circumstances.

The purpose of a booking fee is to guarantee service to the Client and to provide liquidated damages to Perspectives Photography LLC in the case of client cancellation.

Booking fees can be refunded under the following circumstances:
-- Customer cancellation of the Session or Event Service within 72 hours of initial scheduling.

-- Perspectives Photography LLC indicates to the Client that they cannot perform the Session or Event Service for any reason.

A Contract for Photography Services, signed by both parties, is required for all Event Photography Services.  Portrait Sessions do not require a Contract for Photography Services, but a Contract may be drawn up at the Client's discretion.

The Client may re-schedule the Session or Event Service 1 time for any reason UP TO 72 HOURS of the scheduled start time.  The re-scheduling request MUST be by voice telephone call (preferably from the Clients listed number) or from the Client's listed e-mail address.  The cancellation request may NOT come via the Website Message functions.  The re-scheduled time must occur within the photographer's availability.  If the client cannot reschedule within the Photographer's availability, or cannot attend the re-scheduled event, the session or event will be Cancelled and may be re-booked at the Client's discretion.

If the client has purchased a Package, the Final Charge will include the pre-purchased number of images.  (unless specifically allowed in writing) In all cases (u
nless specifically allowed in writing) , Balance Due must be paid in full before images will be released.  Payment for additional images will be billed separately and must be paid in full before images will be released.

Legal Stuff

Ownership: Quo Vadimus LLC does business as Perspectives Photography LLC and Perspectives: Allen Taylor Photography.


Quo Vadimus LLC / Perspectives Photography LLC organized under Minnesota Statutes Chapter 332C, File # 103338400021


State of Minnesota Department of Revenue Tax ID #5476667


​​Annual Background checks via Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and Robbinsdale Police Department


Insurance:  Perspectives maintains a  $1,000,000  General Liability policy with: 

Hiscox Insurance Company, Inc., 

104 South Michigan Ave, Ste. 600, 

Chicago, IL 60603.  

Policy information is available upon request.​

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