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Mount McGown and Stanley Lake, Stanley, Idaho and Paddleboard

Allen Taylor



The story of Perspectives Photography begins when I first picked up my father's Mamiya-Seikor 35mm film camera on the side of the Big Sioux River in South Dakota.  Opening the packet of prints from the drugstore cemented the passion because the images were, to my untrained eye... complete garbage.  But I knew I could do better, and the long process of learning the craft began.

A few years and many library books later, there was a darkroom in my parent's basement.  I worked for yearbooks and newspapers at two high schools, and was proud to be named the Photographic Editor for the University of Minnesota - Duluth 'Statesman', where the true practice of honing the art began.

In spite of the still-evolving skills, I discovered that professional news organizations really desired something called a "journalism degree" to be considered for employment. I thus began something called "working for the man", which paid bills but offered little joy.  Photography, however, continued to be a beloved hobby and money-sink; when coupled with a love of travel and the outdoors, it became the defining passion for my life.  For the next several decades, I continued to build the skills.

In 2015, my family and friends firmly, repeatedly (and above all loudly) informed me that I needed to stop working for other people and build a new career around the photographic arts.   Perspectives Photography was born.

From landscapes and wildlife, I rapidly expanded to portraits, events, athletics, and more.  Investments in equipment and tech followed, and culminated in the incorporation of my life's work.

Today, Perspectives clients can take advantage of nearly 40 years of experience to capture their most special moments, and share decades of amazing images from all over North America.

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